Get back into movement with Osteopaths and Physiotherapists 

Reduced mobility can occur at any stage of life and for many reasons. Difficulties with moving around due to injury, chronic disease, or disability can have a profound effect on independence and wellbeing, interfering with work, relationships and community participation.

Seeing an osteopath or physiotherapist can help most people improve their mobility, even when complex health conditions are present.

Here are some of the ways they do it.

Effective Pain Management is often the first step in improving movement. An instinctive response that many people have when experiencing pain, is to keep still. Unfortunately, this often has the effect of increasing pain over time. By performing holistic assessments, osteopaths and physiotherapists seek to find the causes of pain and then intervene to reduce and manage painful symptoms, freeing up movement.

Easing stiffness in joints can allow for increased mobility as range of movement improves. Osteopaths and physiotherapists employ a wide range of techniques and strategies to reduce stiffness, some involving hands on treatment while others are activity based.

Increasing flexibility of soft tissues can assist in correcting postural causes of mobility restrictions.

Improving strength through individualised and function-based exercises that address the underlying causes of immobility.

Balance training to reduce the risk and fear of falling as both can be powerful inhibitors of mobility. Osteopaths and physiotherapists apply their deep understanding of human movement and balance to address the causes of falling and reduce the anxiety that often follows having experienced a fall.

Walking aid recommendations and adjustments to support independent and safe mobility inside the home and in the community.

Referral for services that promote mobility, this may include home adaption, medical care, nutrition management and home care support.

Movement is not only the result of quality clinical treatment, but also a powerful therapeutic tool and osteopaths and physiotherapists can help people unlock the benefits and joy of moving more. It all starts with an assessment and in most cases, the result is improved vitality, independence, and quality of life.


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