Grad Advice – Why become a Community Clinician?

2021 Graduate Program

Community Clinicians get the best of both worlds.

After years of study you are reaching an exciting time in your health professional career – it’s time to graduate and start working.

The difficult decision you now face is where to start your career? Hospital – Rehabilitation Centre – Private Practice OR a career that offers the best of both worlds as a Community Clinician.

Community Benefits:

• Keep your weekends for you! Follow a 9-5 structure with regular clients with whom you can build rewarding relationships and achieve short and long term goals
• Autonomous work environment visiting a variety of clients with different conditions and needs.
• Escape the four walls of an office, enjoy your lunch breaks in a park or by the beach!
• Work with other clinicians and client’s family in a friendly and collaborative environment to deliver the best quality care.

Many of our Empower Healthcare clinicians began their careers in private practice and hospitals, and are now thriving after moving into the community setting. This is thanks to reduced caseload stress, flexible hours and building lasting and productive relationships with their clients.

After 8 years full time working in private practice I needed to make a change to restore my work/life balance. Working for Empower in the community setting enables me to maintain a variety within my clinical caseload and challenge my skills while reclaiming my evenings and weekends for myself – James, Physiotherapist

Why choose Empower?

1. Induction and Orientation Program – a structured orientation plan including shadowing our senior clinicians to give you the support you need to get started
2. Mentoring and Peer learning – partner up with and learn valuable skills from a senior clinician
3. Monthly online team meetings including professional development presentations and case discussions
4. Regular check-ins with your area team leader to ensure you are getting the support you need and work through any concerns you may have
5. A dedicated support team to assist with your schedule, allowing you to focus on being a health professional

6. No pressure to over service or discharge clients before they are ready, make your own clinical decisions

I love that Empower is always adapting, growing and progressing, signs of a good company, where everyone wants to work  – Olivia, Physiotherapist

At Empower Healthcare we believe that our strength lies in our people. Please call our People and Culture team to discuss any questions and they can even put you in touch with some of our current Graduates or Clinicians and hopefully welcome you to the Empower family.



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Need more info?

Call Lilian our People and Culture Manager for a copy of our Graduate Program flyer on 03 9068 3739