Six ways a dietitian can help your ageing clients

Malnutrition is a common cause of loss of vitality and poor health outcomes in older people.

Reduced dietary intake of essential nutrients and calories often occurs as a result of a combination of conditions and factors that can make food preparation and eating difficult and unappealing for older adults. Getting to the bottom of why someone may be developing nutrient and calorie deficits and implementing strategies to improve diet and quality of life can take time and expertise.

A dietitian can assist in the management of at-risk older people living in the community and residential aged care settings by:

1. Screening to ascertain the BMI and nutritional intake of people experiencing unwanted weight loss.- Comprehensive assessments to determine the causes of malnutrition.

2. Implementing “Food First” strategies like eating small but frequent, high energy, high protein snacks and meals.

3. Implementing nutrition support for malnourished people who are unable to maintain body weight by food intake alone.

4. Developing practical and appropriate meal plans and schedules to improve daily nutritional intake.

5. Supporting people in the community to access meal and food services that meet their individual tastes, dietary needs, and abilities.

6. Improve the quality of life of ageing clients by increasing the energy they have available to participate in social and community activities.

Diet and food preferences are personal and often sensitive matters, dieticians work with individuals to create the best personalized and enjoyable solutions for people struggling to maintain adequate nutrient intake.

Empower’s dietetic services is available across all of our service channels, residential aged care, home care and NDIS.  Please click on the relevant link below to learn more.

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