Six signs that your client or resident may need a dietitian

Malnutrition is often missed in older people.

Appetite and weight tend to decrease slowly as older people who manage their own shopping, food preparation and eating reduce dietary intake without realising it. Family members and carers who see the person regularly may only begin noticing the weight loss after significant physical changes have occurred. While the causes of weight loss are complex, here are a few indicators that someone may need dietary intervention:

  1. Unplanned weight loss in the last 3-6 months
  2.  Falling Body Mass Index (BMI)
  3. Reduced nutritional intake
  4. Low levels of nutrients noted during blood analysis
  5. A history of alcohol misuse
  6. Use of medicines including insulin, chemotherapy, antacids, or diuretics.

Dieticians specialise in improving and optimising nutrition by considering the needs and preferences of the individual. Early, practical intervention can help in maintaining general health, activity levels and independence for older people living in the community and in residential aged care.

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