InProfile with Eloise Mellor – Residential Aged Care Relationship Manager

Eloise Mellor - Residential Aged Care Relationship Manager

Eloise Mellor joins Empower’s Relationship Management Team and brings over 12 years of healthcare experience to oversee Residential Aged Care client satisfaction and new partnerships across the eastern seaboard.  With her warming personality, empathetic ear and professionalism, our clients are already experiencing Eloise’s abilities in presenting ideal solutions to their problems.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Although this is my first time working in the Aged Care sector, I have been in healthcare for 12 years and done a bit of everything. In England I have worked in a Private hospital as a Ward Clerk, Theatres receptionist, Bookings assistant, Ward Hostess and even in Finance. From there I went on to work for a private medical and dental healthcare insurer, looking after current and prospective clients across the UK. I then booked a one-way ticket to Australia and only meant to stay here for a year, however I loved it and ended up landing a sponsored job for a healthcare tech company, again looking after existing and prospective clients, this time across Australia and New Zealand. I have now made the move to Empower Healthcare and am very excited to be making a difference in such a critical sector.


What do you love most about your role?

I love that no two days are the same, I get to meet a whole range of different people with diverse needs when it comes to Allied Health. I love working to resolve what it is people want and finding ways to make it happen. My job also involves me liaising with many of my colleagues on a regular basis and requires me to be an expert on multiple aspects of the business, which means I get to learn a lot and work with amazing people, whether they be clients or colleagues on a daily basis.


In your new position at Empower, what will you be looking to achieve in 2020?

Some of my main goals for this year are to build my network in this sector and to be known as a reliable key contact when it comes to Allied Health. I want to ensure that as many as possible facilities and Aged Care residents, across Australia, are receiving the quality and human care they deserve.


What’s your thoughts around allied health services for aged care?

For too long Allied Health’s primary role in Aged Care was to tick a box to generate ACFI funding or to meet basic standards, Empower Healthcare has changed that by using our time to genuinely make a difference to residents lives every day.


What attracted you to Empower?

I truly feel passionately that Empower Healthcare is making a difference to peoples lives and this belief has been cemented by the kind, considerate and passionate people I have met across the business. Also, with all the negatives of COVID-19 it really got me thinking that I want to work in a critical sector and make a difference.


Out of the workplace, what are your interests and hobbies?

I love seeking out a sunset and just appreciate nature putting on a show- perhaps with a wine in hand. I also like to keep fit, particularly spin classes or hiking. I have also been known to jump out of a plane before.

I also love travelling round this beautiful country that is Australia – Perth is next on the list when restrictions allow.


What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

Believe it or not I have a degree in Fashion, I was headhunted by Ted Baker at Graduate fashion week in London and designed for them for a bit – a bit different to what I’m doing now! As much as I love designing as a hobby, I realised the fashion industry was not for me, I gained so much from the experience all the same and I’m very happy to be where I am now.


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Adam Gilroy Smith, CEO reveals, “Empower has grown by 100% over the past year based on our service model across Home Care, NDIS and Residential Aged Care. By listening to our clients and the challenges they face, we adapt, stay well positioned and respond fast to deliver exceptional care. The launch of our new service model is another example of Empower Healthcare’s ability to be agile in a rapidly changing environment.”

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