Empower Healthcare’s Podiatry Team Now Offer Diabetic / Neurovascular Foot Assessments

Empower Healthcare Podiatry Team Perform Diabetic / Neurovascular Foot Assessments

Empower Healthcare Podiatrists can detect changes in the feet early before they potentially lead to further problems. Poor circulation is most often the result from commonly seen health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, and arterial issues.

Our Podiatrists can provide your clients with a Diabetic /Neurovascular Foot Assessment to determine their current risk status, as well as monitoring for health problems occurring in the future.

This Assessment is painless and involves the testing of the sensation, blood supply, skin integrity, reflexes, muscle control and structure of the feet.

Clients with diabetes should have their feet examined every 6 – 12 months. If their circulation is declining and left untreated, this can result in damage to the nerve endings, blood vessels and structure of their feet.

Clients that are non-diabetic should also invest in an annual Diabetic /Neurovascular Foot Assessment. This test is essential for the early recognition of neurovascular deterioration or compromise. Delays in recognising neurovascular compromise can lead to permanent deficits, reduction in independence/mobility and even loss of limb.

Empower Healthcare Podiatrists now offer Diabetic /Neurovascular Foot Assessments. Talk over your podiatry needs today on 13000 HELPU (1300 043 578) or start now with our quick and easy online referral form.


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