Follow the gold standard in wound care

A Team Approach to Wound Care

On any given day, half a million Australians are living with a poorly healing or chronic wound. These wounds can be very difficult to live with and manage as they are often in hard-to-reach areas of the body and can impair mobility and independence. Examples of chronic wounds include leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure injuries.

Research has shown that a multidisciplinary approach is the gold standard in preventing and managing wounds and the pain, disability and loss of independence that they can cause. Each clinician brings skills and expertise, with the shared goal of maintaining and improving quality of life.


Assess for risk factors that can lead to chronic wounds.

Assist in the management of underlying health conditions that can cause hard-to-heal wounds.

Assess wounds to determine the best treatment approach.

Treat- including cleaning, applying pharmaceuticals and dressing wounds.

Refer for additional care when required.


Perform wound assessments on the foot, ankle and leg at every visit.

Are the cornerstone of diabetic foot care.

Ensure correct footwear to reduce pressure injury and falls related wounds.


Understand that good, balanced nutrition is the first step in preventing chronic wound formation.

Assess for the nutritional causes of chronic wounds, including poorly managed blood glucose and malnutrition.

Create meal plans that ensure adequate nutritional intake to prevent wounds and aid healing.


Assess for risk factors that can lead to chronic wounds.

Intervene with rehabilitation programs to reduce risks of falls, loss of mobility and poor circulation.

Assist with pressure care by implementing pressure relieving strategies.

Occupational Therapists

Perform assessments of clients and their environments for wound risk factors.

Reduce the risk of wounds by assisting with adapting homes to be safer and easier to move around in.

Recommend pressure preventing and relieving equipment and accessories.

Provide therapy that assists clients function safely and independently in their homes and communities.


By determining the unique needs of each client, an individualised treatment program can be developed that includes the health care team members best suited to providing the most effective treatment for the management of chronic wounds- promoting healing, health and vitality.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should place wound care at the heart of client care.






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