The 5 types of clients who would benefit from a home nursing assessment and why

Home health care nursing services can be vital for the wellbeing of clients living at home and wanting to continue to do so. A home nursing assessment is a convenient and easy way to establish the support and medical needs for people who find attending out-patient services difficult, while providing the clinician with valuable information regarding the holistic care needs of clients seen within their unique home environments.


Clients who benefit from home nursing assessments include:

  • New clients on home care packages,
  • People with deteriorating health,
  • Individuals managing chronic health conditions,
  • Clients with complex care needs,
  • Anyone who has recently returned home after a hospital admission and is struggling.


Why is a nursing assessment important?

  • To assess all aspects of physical, mental and social wellbeing.
  • To identify areas in which individuals require additional support.
  • Establishing whether clients are safe and able to cope at home.
  • To assist in planning and implementing of appropriate care.
  • Nursing assessments allow clients to participate in their own care by engaging them in the assessment process.


Booking a home care nursing assessment can be an important step in giving people living at home the freedom to live the lives they choose to live.

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