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Mary Burne

Mary Burne receiving her Legacy Week bear

“Mary volunteered to help Legacy as she was frequently moving from place to place because of her husband’s work. Finding herself in a new state with no friends, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to join a charity like Legacy and she was very glad that she did, helping veterans and making new friends along the way.”…

Donald Peckham

Donald Peckham receiving his legacy bear

“We were stationed on Penang Island and we would go out on patrols. Usually there were a couple of us and we would be driving Jeeps through the jungle. Our first patrol out was uneventful, but as we were getting back to base there was a loud bang and the cars up ahead had stopped, that’s when we looked up and saw a great big plane landing! It turned out that planes were landing on the road and we needed to cross it quickly cross before the next plane landed!”…

Shirley Caldow

Shirley Cladow receiving a 2020 Legacy Week bear

“My husband was in the Australian Army and I was contacted by Legacy after his passing. I have been a big supporter of Legacy ever since. I used to buy a Legacy Badge every year for Legacy Week and now reminds my daughter to do the same. I had heard about the Legacy Bears and was always keen to see one in person. Now I am extremely excited to have one for myself.”…

Alberdina Kickert

Alberdina Kickert receiving a 2020 Legacy Week bear

“Alberdina received a bear in recognition of her dedication towards her therapy sessions. She sees a therapist three times a week and has multiple pain sites, but that does not stop her from doing her exercises, daily walks and most daily tasks on her own or with help from her husband.”…

Connie Van Leuverden

Connie Van Leuverden receiving her 2020 Legacy Week bear

“My husband served in the Navy! He was on a ship that sailed to help defend South Korea during the Korean War. Fortunately, he already knew how to swim before joining!, Thank you to all for organising this and helping Legacy support those who sacrificed so much for the greater good. May their courage and selflessness be remembered forever.”…