Empower Healthcare
New Online Referral Form

Why are we making changes?

We’ve had a hugely positive response since we introduced our online referral form last year, enabling you to lodge requests for service with us digitally. 

We will soon be making a few changes to improve your experience even further and to ensure we can arrange a clinician best suited to see your client as soon as possible.

The key changes are:

  • We have adapted the form so that we only ask questions that are applicable for the specific request you are making, simplifying the process for you.
  • We have improved the validation to ensure things we essentially need to know are included.  This puts us in a good position to expedite delivery of service.
  • We have introduced a feature that allows you to save forms when they are partially completed and come back to a later time if for any reason you need to.
  • We have integrated an address look up to help speed up the process and ensure the accuracy of client addresses. 
  • When you submit a referral, we will automatically send you a single acknowledgement email with a complete copy of everything you sent to us.

When will I see these changes and what do I do if I need any help?
We are making final preparations and expect the new form will be live from early September. 

If you need any help, one of our support team in your region will be there to help.