Most Valued Partner Award Winner – Jan

Empower Healthcare proudly announces Phil Inglis as our Most Valued Partner for Nov. This award series was launched to recognise each month, a valued client that has gone above and beyond.


Most Valued Partner – Jan

Phil is the maintenance man for one our facilities.

Often, the people working behind the scenes are forgotten – day to day tasks for the rest of us run the same as they always have because people like Phil are there to ensure everything runs smoothly. I for one took this for granted until I saw for myself what Phil does for the facility.

There are maintenance workers, and then there is Phil, who appears to be in a league of his own. We’ve jokingly asked him if he ever actually goes home each day (though initially it was with a hint of genuine concern). This man appears tireless – he’s on site before my earliest starts, he’s still there past my latest finishes, and when he’s at home he’s still on call for emergencies.
He’s always moving, tending to something, liaising with external contractors, or responding to the latest job requests. If something needs doing it’ll be on his list and despite his already immense workload, he manages to get it done in a timely manner. If it’s not something he’s used to, he figures out a way to make it work. If there is a rush order for some immediate care need, he can squeeze it in. He is an essential asset to all the staff in the facility, including the upstairs office workers who sing his praises each time he gets the coffee machine working again.
Above all, he is a maintenance worker who cares as much about the people in the facility as he does the quality of his work. He is a collaborative, insightful, can-do all-round top bloke we have always been grateful to work with.

It may be that the support staff tend to work in the background but when Phil isn’t around the difference is more noticeable than anyone else’s absence. He is a cornerstone for MiCare and I can’t think of a more deserving recipient of an MVP award.

At Empower, our cups are filled when we work together with our clients to build healthier and happier lives in the community.


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