John Peechy Regains His Mobility & Independence

John Peechy Regains His Mobility & Independence


Meet John, a 91-year-old stroke survivor who lives at Moran Roxburgh Park.  Empower Healthcare’s Physio & Osteo team have been working with John to regain his mobility and independence.

The stroke affected his right arm and leg movements, severely impacting his ability to walk and perform his normal activities of daily living. He was dependent on a mobile active lift to transfer him from bed to chair and required a wheelchair for mobility. John was feeling incredibly frustrated “As he had to rely on others all the time.”

His biggest functional goal “was to be able to walk again.” John enjoys going to the dining room as it is the place where lifestyle staff run activities like bingo, arts and crafts and trivia. It was very important for him to be able to socialise and take part in these activities.

Together, the agreed goal was set to walk approximately 30 meters…the distance from his room to the dining room. After 2 months of hard work, John has achieved his goal and can now walk from his room to the dining room using his walking frame and rest assured is now attending all daily activities!

John was self-determined from the start and his commitment to his therapy sessions has greatly contributed to his success. We are pleased to see John’s mobility continue to improve on a weekly basis.

Being able to spend quality time with residents and supporting them to live their life the way they want to, is very rewarding and reinforces that we are changing a person’s life for the better.


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