How a Multidisciplinary Allied Health Team Can Help People Manage Diabetes

How a Multidisciplinary Allied Health Team Can Help People Manage Diabetes

Many chronic conditions like Diabetes, require more than 1 or 2 allied health team members for good management. Diabetes is an example of a complicated condition where an assessment may reveal the need for referral to a few members of the multidisciplinary team.

Here are a some of the ways that the various professions can help people managing Diabetes.


Nurses monitor blood sugar levels and assist with medication management. They also manage the general health of people, including the comorbidities that are common in people with Diabetes, such as high blood pressure, kidney disfunction and eye disorders.


A well-managed diet is a cornerstone of diabetes care. Dietitians can develop individualized meal plans that take the tastes and preferences of people into account, while ensuring that blood glucose levels remain stable.


Foot care is an essential part of care for people who are struggling to manage their sugar levels. Podiatrists ensure the correct footwear, nail care and skin management of the feet to prevent ulcers and ingrown toenails.


Diabetes can result in various complications that reduce mobility and having input from a physiotherapist to promote strength, balance and endurance can improve the independence and health outcomes of people with diabetes at any stage of the disease.

Occupational Therapists

Unfortunately, some of the health consequences of diabetes can result in disability requiring relearning and reablement for some of life’s vital activities of daily living. OT’s can provide rehabilitation to improve the function of people managing some of the more serious effects of diabetes and assist with the adaptions that homes may need to make living independently at home possible and enjoyable.

Massage Therapists

Along with the benefits of relaxation and improved well-being, massage may also be useful in managing the painful neuropathies that occur in people with diabetes. Combined with the effects on circulation and stress relief, massage therapy is an important adjunct to other therapies in the management of diabetes.

If your client is not on top of their diabetes care plan, let Empower Healthcare bring together the expertise and skills of different allied health professionals to support your client in management of their complex condition.


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