Doppler Ultrasound Assessments Built into Standard Resident Podiatry Assessments

Doppler Ultrasounds now part of resident podiatry assessments

We’ve listened to our clients and now include Doppler ultrasound assessments into annual resident podiatry assessments at no extra cost.

We share the desire to raise the standards of care in this sector and make a difference in people’s lives.  Whilst we already utilise Doppler ultrasounds for clients that show symptoms of peripheral vascular issues, by preventatively using this screening tool for every resident as standard will help flag residents that have poor quality blood flow in their lower limbs even before symptoms may appear.

Early detection means that a facility’s multi-disciplinary team can look at further testing to facilitate an unrecognised condition, as well as implement complementary therapy services such as physiotherapy or dietetics to help reduce the risk of complications related to diabetes, strokes, and clots that if left untreated, may result in a preventable fatality.

Doppler ultrasound assessments are also available on request, whether it’s for new resident admissions, someone has a newly developed leg/foot wound or a change in health status. We want to ensure every resident is receiving the best possible care.

At Empower we do more, so you get more. We offer value packed solutions that aim to maximise the quality of the allied health services you receive for your investment.

Experience the Empower difference in Aged Care allied health services.

If you would like to learn more about the Empower difference, contact Eloise Mellor our Residential Aged Care Relationship Manager on (03) 9583 1364.


Compliant & High Quality Allied Health Aged Care Solutions

Our goal is to help you maximise the quality of care for residents, while achieving the best health outcomes at the lowest cost without affecting an individual’s right to safety and tailored care.

We help organisations achieve this by delivering evidence-based early interventions that reduce acute care episodes.

At Empower, we deliver focused solutions around preventive, restorative and reablement care, by highly qualified and skilled practitioners, including physiotherapists, dietitians and podiatrists.


Value Packed Services

Our value packed solutions are tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation and maximise the safety, function and quality of life for your residents.

Working closely with each management team, our service is delivered in a transparent, compliant manner by experts giving you hassle free, peace of mind. As a result, we are a trusted partner of national clients.

Our professional allied health team treat residents with respect, compassion, kindness and make them feel appreciated. Patience, quality care and dignity are what sets us apart.


Exceptional podiatry that promotes healthy feet and an active lifestyle

When you work with Empower, you can rest assured that your resident’s footcare needs are being taken care of. Our aged care podiatry program provides diagnostic and therapeutic foot care, promoting healthy feet and an active lifestyle for your resident.

We work tirelessly to lower the cost of podiatry whilst lifting the level of care delivered. Plus we provide training and support to utilise the EPC program to reduce costs.

Empower’s aged care podiatry team cap treatment numbers to give you high-quality services you are paying for.  Plus, we’ve listened to our clients and now include Doppler ultrasound assessments into annual resident podiatry assessments at no extra cost.

Our 6 weekly podiatry program provides comprehensive foot care to your residents and includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • General nail trim
  • Trimming of ingrown nails
  • Treatment of painful calluses and corns
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Prevention of infections
  • Treatment of foot trauma

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