5 Signs Your Client May Need a Walking Aid

5 Signs Your Client May Need a Walking Aid

A well-fitted and appropriate walking aid can be a vital tool for people wanting to stay independent and active while being safe when walking around their homes and communities. Physiotherapists are expert at selecting, fitting and ensuring the correct use of mobility aids, while maintaining and improving strength and endurance.

Here are a few signs that may indicate a person would benefit from a walking aid:

  • A history of falls or a fear of falling.
  • Use of furniture or walls to steady and support during gait.
  • Difficulty with climbing stairs and walking on uneven surfaces.
  • Deteriorating balance that is interfering with walking inside and outside the home.
  • Reduced activity due to a fear of walking.

If you notice that a person is struggling with mobility, getting a good-quality walking aid fitted as soon as possible can prevent falls and improve independence, allowing for a fulfilling and active life where safe walking is a part of every day.

Let an Empower clinician expertly assess whether your client needs a walking aid for a short period or on a permanent basis. Click on our referral link below.

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